Guardian Automotive stands for high-quality windscreens, which are produced in Europe according to OEM and the highest safety standards. The certification passed again in 2020, awarded by the International Automotive Task Force, IATF for short, also takes this quality claim into account.

Premium quality was, is and remains not only an elementary part of the company policy for Guardian Automotive, but is an issue that is genuinely close to our heart. Because only first-class automotive glass can offer maximum protection to passengers and pedestrians alike. Consequently, certification audits are not a necessary evil for us either, but rather a valuable instrument for regularly subjecting all areas of the company to external checks. Only in this way is it possible to pick up any deviations and identify room for improvements.

We were awarded the IATF certificate back in 2018, which replaces our previous certification under ISO 9001 and then under ISO TS 16949. The BSI (British Standards Institution) has to verify every year whether the requirements of our quality management system are being implemented. And hence the due audit took place in September. In this respect we were particularly pleased about two statements made by the auditor:

“...in some cases I see implementations beyond the IATF requirements.” 

“...I see more maturity in several processes where the risk has been well analysed and corrected.”

These statements in conjunction with the renewed assessment prove once again that our consistent improvement processes are constantly taking us and our products forward. In addition, with the IATF certification we cater to the wishes and requirements of the automotive sector in a much more targeted way.

For Guardian Automotive, the decision to be certified according to the specifications set out by the IATF was as logical as it was consistent. Whilst ISO 9001 governs general standards across all industries, the IATF represents a significant expansion of the requirements made of companies operating in the automotive field and devotes special attention to the issue of customer satisfaction. This includes, among other things:

Enhancing customer communication
Constant measurement to meet customer requirements
Presenting concepts regarding corporate responsibility
Developing methods for analysing customer satisfaction
Defining company targets and processes to achieve these

For our customers and partners, we are getting better every day
Standing still means going backwards. That is why we are constantly evolving. We implement new processes aimed at safety and quality. As a result, 100 per cent of our glass undergoes cosmetic inspection processes. We also keep a close eye on glass thickness, transmission and functionality, as well as the correct calibration of all measuring equipment. We analyse all complaints relating to material, employ a special team to help customers solve quality problems and regularly invest in expanding our ultra-modern machinery.

We do all this and more to ultimately ensure one thing is achieved for our customers and yours:
the good feeling of having done everything right.

You can find out more about quality at Guardian Automotive here.