Hot in heated windscreens

Using highly advanced technology

When you are looking to order full face heated windscreens, you should be aware that Guardian Automotive uses one of the most advanced technologies to produce windscreens with wire heating. These parts differ from the partly heated windscreens that are heated either in the bottom of the glass by a silver circuit (called “wiper-heating”) or in the camera area by a silver paint or heating foils. 

Since we started using this full surface heating technology 3 years ago, we have introduced around 150 heated windscreen versions. Our current range includes top-sellers such as Nissan Qashqai 5-doors 2014, Ford Kuga 5-doors 2012 and Ford Focus 4-doors + 5-doors Kombi 2011. Moreover, we are constantly extending the range because we know that you appreciate having an alternative to the OE part.

Ensuring proper quality and functionality

As the requirements for heated windscreens are more demanding than those for standard windscreens, we are keen to ensure that all functionalities of our screens work perfectly. First, our equipment is highly advanced. The wire and the busbar (bar for electric power distribution) are placed into the PVB (the foil between two layers of glass) by a robot. This is a more consistent, accurate and efficient process compared to manual operations. 

Subsequently, all our heated windscreens are checked to ascertain that the temperature is homogenous across the full screen to ensure the end-user the best performance of the heat functionality whenever it is required. Equally important, we only use components that have been validated through a rigorous homologation process, as performant as the OE ones.

Finally, we ensure the quality of our heated windscreens by carefully checking each screen before it is sent out to customers. Checks include:

  • Visual inspection of the PVB and the wires 
  • Thermal camera on the PVB once the wires are embedded
  • Resistance test and thermal camera on the assembled product
  • Continuity test on the final product  


Recommendations for installers 

Whilst we do our utmost to ascertain that each heated windscreen leaves our facility in excellent working order, you may also want to note some of our recommendations for installers. 

Because it is important not to damage the connectors, please use extreme care when you manipulate the connector area, and if you need to use a blade to clear away any PVB in that area, please be careful so as not to cut any part of the connector. This interrelation between us and you will provide your customers with a high quality product and subsequent satisfaction.