Quality is key

Two industry leaders in Europe visited our plant in Llodio, Spain recently. This helped to improve our relationships - and provided all of us with valuable insights.

Firstly, Franck Martin, President of Vitro Service France (VSF), and members of his team joined us for a special workshop focusing on Quality. 

The VSF team members who attended already have extensive experience with Guardian Automotive windscreens, so we arranged a full programme which included details of Guardian’s quality criteria and qualifications, calibration, homologation, re-working of scratches – and time was spent addressing VSF specific issues. 

Our second customer, Expanda Logistica visited both our float glass and our automotive plants. The team of four also used the opportunity to meet with the VSF crew.  

All-in-all, a busy time for the Guardian Automotive team which included representatives from various departments, including Quality; Production; Commercial; Engineering and Senior Management. Their involvement underlines our commitment to ongoing dialogue with customers – and demonstrates how Guardian Automotive works with industry–leaders throughout Europe.