The French Connection: Meeting glass fitters in Nancy

When we learned that VSF, our distribution partner in France, was organizing a roadshow, we couldn’t wait to get on board. The Vitro Tour 2018 is an event for Automotive Aftermarket professionals during which key topics are discussed, brand values are highlighted and new products are introduced - and can be tried on the spot.

We joined the VSF vitro tour in Nancy on 21 November and used this opportunity to talk about our windscreens and highlight their overall quality.

Of course, we also discussed calibration and our Let’s Calibrate video. And, most importantly, we were able to meet a number of French auto glass fitters in an informal atmosphere - to hear directly from them what they are looking for and how Guardian Automotive, together with VSF, can best meet their needs. All-in-all it gave us plenty of food for thought and ideas to put into action.

This is part of the Guardian Automotive “dialogue permanente ” with professionals throughout our dynamic industry.